Comrade Kim can’t stand the fact the rest of us don’t give a shit, about him

'Puffy head' Kim the Comrade - For whom we don't give a shit
‘Puffy head’ Kim the Comrade – For whom we don’t give a shit

Loved and adored by his starving subjects, comrade Kim has but one thing keeping him up at night, the lack of love a adoration from the vast majority of world citizens.

Usually referred to as “fat boy”, the fearsome North Korean dictator has no sway over the lack of respect shown to his persona by people living outside the borders of his domain.

I mean, people in many countries other than North Korea can just put his picture on toilet paper and wipe their ass with it, literally. Take that comrade Kim!

No nuclear bombs, rockets, and constant threats to their well being can sway foreign citizens into showing some respect. I mean, people in North Korea would faint from adoration at the mere sight of his puffy head. How hard can it be to make the rest of the world to follow suit?

Still, Comrade Kim can take consolation from the fact that, with the exception of a few countries, many citizens of the world don’t have much respect for their own elected leaders either, including the most powerful of them all.


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